About Me


I'm a freelance software developer with tons of interests, specializing in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and iOS development.


I started my career as a circuit designer working on IBM server microprocessors.

After the iPhone SDK was released, I played around with it and eventually left my cushy job to begin life as an indie app developer. I co-created a series of children's language learning apps called Gus on the Go and eventually started freelancing.

In 2017, I got interested in self driving cars and even took a nanodegree program with Udacity. This set of courses introduced me to deep learning and I became obsessed. I consumed as much information on the subject as possible, particularly when it came to computer vision.

I even built a deep learning server.

Shortly after, I started looking for freelance contracts that involved machine learning. Being able to experiment with models in real-life situations accelerated my learning.

Today, I successfully help clients create and integrate deep learning models into their products and have a blast doing so.


I have always loved learning new things. I only realized how important this is to me several years after I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. Learning is a large part of my identity and even personality.

I have a very diverse set of interests. My curiosity leads me to learn many things in different fields. Often, I find I'm able to draw from other fields when solving problems. I love making connections between seemingly random facts.

I enjoy learning by reading articles, books and listening to podcasts. I also ask lots of questions.


I also occasionally write tutorials for raywenderlich.com. A lot of my tutorials involve using Apple's Vision framework for iOS.

You can find the entire list of tutorials I've written here.

Where to find me?

Feel free to get in touch!