Out of My Comfort Zone, pt 2

Five years ago, I wrote about stepping out of my comfort zone. I ended that post with the thought:

Maybe I’ll try speaking at a conference, next.

Back in August, I finally took that next step and gave a talk at 360|iDev 2021.

My talk is titled Computer Vision Not Just For Breakfast Anymore and takes the audience through several iOS Vision Framework APIs with the purpose of creating a silly game.

The game is based on a sketch by The Kids in the Hall and is called Crushing Your Head. It uses several computer vision algorithms provided by Apple's Vision Framework including:

  • Hand pose detection for user input
  • Face recognition as a proxy for detecting heads
  • Object tracking to determine which heads have already been “crushed”

You can check out a recording of the talk here:

I've made the source for the Crushing Your Head app available on GitHub, in addition to the slides for the talk.

John has also made recordings of all of the talks available to watch.

Let me know what you think. I’m always looking to improve and feedback is a great way to do that!

Find me on Twitter. I’m @yonomitt.

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