Any tips for getting started in AR development with 0 coding knowledge?

Regardless of your educational background, anyone can learn how to code if you put in the effort and are passionate about it. There are tons of resources online, many of which have been produced by Apple in the form of documentation, example projects, and WWDC videos, that can help you to learn a programming language, such as Swift.

I would suggest doing some tutorials, watching videos, maybe find a highly rated book on iOS programming, etc to learn how to begin building iOS apps.

Once you are comfortable with that, then you can start to dive into AR specifically. Finding a good book on linear algebra would be useful if you are going to get into AR and graphics programming, but start with the basics first!

For ARKit, we have all sorts of documentation and examples that you can take a look at:

From a non-Apple developer:

Appleā€™s documentation is great.

I also found the site RayWenderlich to be super helpful. They even have a book specifically for AR:

Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials

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