Hi! We're working on an AR experience that allows user to put AR objects in their surroundings and replay it later. We're saving the data on an ARWorldMap and archive it on the filesystem to be retrieved later. Everything works great on smaller areas with small ARWorldMap file sizes. However as user adds more stuff, the ARWorldMap file gets bigger and at some point, it takes so long or even impossible to relocalize using the big ARWorldMap files. I'm seeing slower relocalization on ARWorldMap files with >10 mb size.\nQuestion:\nIs there a known cap of how big ARWorldMap files can be to retain effectivenes of relocalization and the AR experience? What can impact performance for AR relocalization other than lighting condition and the object textures that we're rendering (maybe area size? camera motion? features in the area?) since we're seeing frame drops on bigger ARWorldMap files.

ARWorldMaps are optimized for room sized scenarios. If you exceed that limit then relocalization will stop working in certain areas as the map is not big enough any more to cover the whole area.

The frame drops sound related to the amount of content being displayed though. For that, feel free to provide more details through Feedback Assistant

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