I utilize the drawing classifier from Turi Create in my app which has been working well. I previously tried an image classifier with Create ML but it took very significantly longer to train (about 55 hours vs 3.5 hours). Is Turi Create still the way to go until a drawing classifier gets added to Create ML? :D Bonus q: any Turi Create updates to share?

Create ML does not have a drawing classifier template or task API. You may want to check out the new Create ML Components framework which will let you construct your own pipeline similar to the one used in Turi Create.

Turi Create is still a good option if it's working for you. However, Turi Create is no longer under active development

Note: The updatable drawing classifier available on https://developer.apple.com/machine-learning/models/ has a pre-trained feature extractor for drawings as the first model in its pipeline. You could use this sub-model as a custom feature extractor.

Please consider filing feature requests or feedback on drawing classifiers via https://feedbackassistant.apple.com

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