With the initializers for MLImageClassifier.ModelParameters being deprecated, what is the easiest way of increasing the iterations being performed?

MLImageClassifier.ModelParameters still has the

init(validation: ValidationData,
     maxIterations: Int,
     augmentation: ImageAugmentationOptions, 
     algorithm: ModelAlgorithmType)

initializer, which you can use to set the maxIterations along with other parameters that you want.

There are a few other initializers that were deprecated so if you are trying to use one of those old ones to set the maxIterations, you will get this warning.

Note that this particular initializer has no default value for augmentation . So, when you call this initializer you need to pass the augmentation parameter as well. If you don't want to set any augmentation, you can just pass a value of 0 for this parameter. If you do not specify augmentation in the init at all, one of the old initializers will be used and hence you will get the deprecated warning.

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