Correct me if I’m wrong. 1. Virtual HIIT fitness coach is not a good app idea for today. Action classifier can’t classify actions fast and accurate enough on mobile devices today? 2. The model was trained using 30 fps and a prediction windows size of 90 frames under the assumption that each human body action lasts about 3 seconds?

  1. Action classifier is a model template that needs to be trained. So it is good with fitness actions that it was trained with, such as jumping jacks, squats, and some HIIT actions. Depending on your specific needs, we may further talk about how fast the actions could be and how accurate etc. topics. Some resources are also here:
  1. This model is a separate model for counting actions (not action classifier back to WWDC20). It is class-agnostic, exposed via our API and does not need to be trained. It was trained with 30fps videos, and window size is 90 frames. But this is a completely different model, the window size 90 isn’t the same concept with action classifier’s window size. Within these 90 frames, multiple completed actions are OK (e.g., best with 2~4 action repetitions captured within the window). If you have videos or camera feed other than 30fps, you could choose to downsample, using Downsampler transformer. If your targeted actions are 30fps, but quite slower, such as push-ups, you could choose to do downsampling too. (edited)
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